A 3D baby scan produces a three-dimensional image of your baby. The fourth dimension is time and a 4D scan is therefore a moving three-dimensional image of the baby. This is captured on video and will be available on a USB stick either as part of your package or can be purchased separately after your scan.

From the 24th week up to 34th week of your pregnancy is recognised as the best time for a 3D/4D scan. However, a scan can be carried out at any stage of your pregnancy and it is possible to obtain fantastic results at different stages of pregnancy. Up to 32 weeks of pregnancy you will be offered one free rescan if we cannot get any images of your baby at the first appointment.

The meet my miracle scan can be performed from the 9th week of pregnancy. It allows parents to see baby’s heartbeat and is an opportunity to see baby with your family and children present. This scan can be performed up to the 24th week of pregnancy after which time the 3D/4D scan is available.

The baby’s gender can be accurately assessed from the 16th week of pregnancy onwards. From 16 weeks gender can be predicted with 99.9% accuracy. As we want to provide only the best service and avoid disappointment, we do not perform gender scans before this stage.

In this instance we will offer you a sugary snack and ask you to go for a walk. If baby is still in an awkward position and the gender cannot be determined, then we will offer you one free rescan. Please note that gender can be determined with 99% accuracy.

Yes, please book to avoid disappointment. Please do call if a last-minute appointment is wanted as appointments may still be available.

Please call to discuss any requirements you may have. We may be able to accommodate an alternative appointment time with prior notice. A £20 fee may be applicable.

Yes, all bookings require a non-refundable £20 deposit to secure the appointment. You will not be entitled to a refund if you cancel a booking. Appointments may be amended up to 72 hours before the scan without losing your deposit.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive please let us know and we will rearrange your appointment. Your deposit will be transferred to the new booking.

Please allow about 30 minutes for your appointment. The scan time will be less than this depending on the scan package chosen and also on baby’s position. The appointment time includes time prior to the scan to complete paperwork and to choose pictures after the scan. If the baby is in an awkward position we may ask you to go for a walk. If baby doesn’t want to move, we will invite you back for one free rescan at later date.

If you are booking a ‘Meet Your Miracle’ Scan, you do not need a longer appointment. After 16 weeks we do ask that you book two appointments to allow extra time to look at both twins. There is a discounted fee of £30 for the second appointment.

Please contact the clinic on 01484 970358 / scans@miraclewithin.co.uk to book. 

Have plenty to drink before coming for your meet your baby scan or gender scan as a full bladder will help us to get the best possible pictures of your baby. Don’t worry, we have toilets available to use straight after your scan! From 24 weeks onwards for the 4D scans a full bladder is not required, however we suggest having a sugary snack or drink an hour before the scan to make the baby more active. It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing allowing easy access to your abdomen. There are no other specific things you need to do to prepare, simply relax and enjoy your experience!

We can accommodate six people seated. If you would like to bring more guests, it is possible with prior arrangement.

Yes, children are welcome.

We have made our premises as accessible as possible. There are two steps up at the entrance. Please call us if you have special requirements and we will discuss our suitability.

Unfortunately several factors can affect image quality such as increased BMI, position of baby and position of placenta. We will provide you with the best pictures possible within these boundaries.

We will not offer a refund on the basis of image quality. This is because the cost covers the time and expertise of the staff and also use of the equipment. However, we will always endeavour to make sure you leave with some images of baby.

If we cannot get good images of baby we will offer you a sugary snack and ask you to go for a walk. If baby is still in an awkward position we will offer you one free rescan if you have booked your appointment before 32 weeks gestation. If at your rescan baby is still not in the ideal position we will get the the best pictures possible. We will not offer a refund as the cost covers the time and expertise of the staff and also the use of the equipment.

All our sonographers are qualified and experienced in obstetric scanning. 

All scans carried out at Miracle Within Ltd are in addition to the screening scans offered by the NHS and are intended for reassurance and bonding purposes and the scans are not intended as a diagnostic service. Although we will not be specifically looking for any abnormalities with baby, we will be obliged to tell the parents if any abnormality is identified by ourselves. If a problem is detected procedures are in place to refer the client to the appropriate medical professional.